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K1 Racegear Pro Lite Vest
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K1 Race Gear Pro Rib Vest – Superior Rib Protector

The K1 Pro Rib Vest is a superb rib protector that utilizes Jumbolon® sheets behind high-density padding to provide maximum comfort and protection. With the Pro Rib Vest, K1 set out to design a rib protector that would be both comfortable and fully functional on the track, and have incorporated a padded back panel and adjustable straps for ease-of-use and added resistance against fatigue, bruising, and discomfort.  Karters understand the discomfort that can result from being on the track for an extended period of time or from tackling a tough outdoor venue, and K1 has  designed the Pro Rib Vest not only to meet the needs of customers, but also to meet their own demands.

A Kart Vest That Suits Your Needs

The K1 Race Gear line of products combine quality and value into one seamless package, and the Pro Rib Vest is no different.  If you are in need of a rib protector, the Pro Rib Vest has everything that you need in a competitively priced package.  If you're purchasing a kart vest for the first time or are looking for great protection at a low price, the Pro Rib Vest is a great option – a more affordable alternative to the K1 Carbon Fiber vest, the Pro model is a great introduction to the benefits of a rib protector.