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K1 Racegear Carbon Fiber Vest
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K1 Race Gear Carbon Fiber Rib Vest – Superior Rib Protector

The K1 Carbon Fiber Rib Vest has features the same Jumbolon® sheets behind high-density padding as the Pro RIb Vest, with the additional features:

  • Protective panels formed from carbon fiber that are designed to flex around the driver and absorb and distribute shock

  • A lightweight, thin overall design to increase comfort and usability

  • Custom tailored using polypropylene modules

  • Cordura® fabric vest that features adjustable chest and shoulder straps

  • Stronger reinforced buckles

  • Improved shock-absorbing foam


A Kart Vest That Suits Your Needs

The K1 Race Gear line of products combine quality and value into one seamless package, and the Carbon Fiber Rib Vest is no different.  The Carbon Fiber Rib Vest provides the superior protection required at the highest levels of karting, in a competitively priced package.