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CRG Mini Hero Chassis
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The mini kart Hero has a frame with ø 28 Chrome moli tubes and a wheel base of 950 mm. On this chassis is possible to adjust the rear axle and the stub axle settings; on the front side it is easy to set up the caster camber by the exclusive Sniper caster system. The chassis is supplied with the Ven New Age brake system with a floating disc, New Age bodywork, rear Mini Righetti bumper and stickers kit.


https://www.kartguy.net/prodimages/CRG.20503-02.jpg  https://www.kartguy.net/prodimages/CRG.20503-03.jpg  https://www.kartguy.net/prodimages/CRG.20503-04.jpg  https://www.kartguy.net/prodimages/CRG.20503-05.jpg  https://www.kartguy.net/prodimages/CRG.20503-06.jpg

https://www.kartguy.net/prodimages/CRG.20503-07.jpg  https://www.kartguy.net/prodimages/CRG.20503-08.jpg  https://www.kartguy.net/prodimages/CRG.20503-09.jpg