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CRG FS4 Chassis
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The FS4 four stroke kart, designed for the Briggs and Stratton category has a frame with 28Ø chrome moli tubes and a wheel base of 1030 mm. On this chassis it is possible to adjust the rear axle and the stub axle settings. On the front side it is easy to set up the caster and camber with the exclusive sniper caster system. The chassis is supplied with the ven mini brake system, with an auto ventilated brake disc, New age 02 bodywork and KG rear bumper, and stickers kit.


https://www.kartguy.net/prodimages/CRG.20048-01.jpg https://www.kartguy.net/prodimages/CRG.20048-02.jpg https://www.kartguy.net/prodimages/CRG.20048-03.jpg https://www.kartguy.net/prodimages/CRG.20048-04.jpg

https://www.kartguy.net/prodimages/CRG.20048-06.jpg https://www.kartguy.net/prodimages/CRG.20048-07.jpg